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A long morning..!

Hello folks! As on my blog page, I have already shared some of the weird travel experiences I have had till now this blog will be regarding the same issue. We all have some places on our bucket list which we want to visit. Similarly back in 2018, I got to visit with my family one of the most beautiful countries ‘Australia’. It was a pretty long journey by flight from India to Australia.

And in the 14 hours journey from India to Australia. I was busy watching movies, listening to some good music, even played some games but I just couldn’t take proper sleep. My parents slept very comfortably, but I was just not able to take a proper nap and I was awake during the whole flight of a 14-hour journey. Yes there were times when I felt really tired and exhausted watching movies and looking at the screen but even then I could not take proper sleep, Mostly in flights I am not that comfortable sleeping and taking a nap but in this flight, I could not even sleep for 20 minutes.

And then we finally landed in Australia, It was 7:30 in the morning there when we landed and when we landed I was really tired, the only thing I wanted at that moment was to go to my respective resort and lie on the bed and take a good sleep for few hours. So as we stepped out of the airport, we took a cab to our resort and it took us about an hour to reach the resort. So as we checked in our resort by 8:45 and then the receptionist informed us that we cannot visit our room.

So we asked our booking is done right? So then what’s the problem we asked, she replied the problem is not about your booking, The time for the guests to check-in their room is 2:00 clock in the afternoon. My parents got really pissed when they heard about this, because we have traveled for 14 hours through a flight and then 1 hour by road and once we reach our resort we get to know that for more 5 hours we have to wait to just check in our room.

So the receptionist handled our situation very properly, she handed out some tickets to the aquarium and Tussauds Wax museum and said to us we can also visit the Pearl Harbour and Opera house next to it. My parents were cool with it but I wasn’t because I wanted my sleep very badly and I was completely drained out. So as we couldn’t check in our room I had to freshen up in the washroom next to the reception.

Here is where the fun begins, I was drained out and pretty tired and my parents were pretty enthusiastic about clicking pictures but as I didn’t get my sleep in the flight I was getting irritated when they were demanding me to click their pictures every minute. I was visiting the washroom and splashing water on my face to refresh myself. My father suggested me to drink some coffee at a café which was near the Tussauds Wax Museum. But those days I literally hated coffee. But to kill my sleep I decided to give it a shot. But after drinking a few sips I handed it over to my father as I could not finish it

So my parents were having a good time at the Tussauds wax museum and the Aquarium I thought to myself  I shouldn’t be the reason for stopping them from having a good time so I clicked some pictures of my parents and I was pretending to enjoy but I was so tired and my body was demanding for rest. After a few hours I walk to my dad I ask him the time and he replies It’s only 12:30 yet son, We got more 2 hours. At that moment my mother came to me and she said to me “ I know son how badly you want your sleep, But you have to adjust for a while as we have no other alternative”. That’s the specialty of mothers though we lie to them to comfort them, they always figure out the reality.

My attitude was becoming grumpy and I just wanted to go and sleep on the bench, At that moment I didn’t care that I was in another country or what people would think I just wanted to lie down and sleep, This was the first time in my life I was least bothered to click pictures for my Instagram. And finally, when it was 1:45 we decided to take the cab and go back to our resort because our time to check in was getting close, The happiness I got when we were heading back to our resort was immeasurable. But there was another problem, to catch the cab we had to walk for more than  10 minutes because in the area we were present there were no cabs to go to our resort, Believe me in those 10 minutes I became the most annoying person to my parents. While we sat in the cab,I just took a good nap session for 25 minutes and my mom waked me up once we reached the resort.

While my mom opened the door of the room I rushed to the bed and I didn’t even remove my shoes while I went to bed, so by evening 7 I woke up, My parents did me a huge favor by not waking me up and after taking a good sleep session for 5 hours my mood was finally refreshed and then we headed out of the resort around 9:00 clock and we found an Indian restaurant for dinner right next to our resort and the food they served there was delicious.

Once we were done with dinner, we grabbed some ice cream and we went for a beautiful night walk in Sydney. I also appreciated my parents for handling my grumpy and irritating behavior during the whole afternoon. This trip to Australia is remembered now as one of my favorite trips


A disappointing day..!

Hello folks! As we know India is a diverse country. In this country, there are so many different states where they have different cultures but what keeps them together is their humble behavior and how they treat people. So this blog is my experience in one of the beautiful states of India “Kerala” which I had back in 2013 with my family. It was all going fun for us until we had our stay in the boathouse. So this blog is just an experience of some good and some weird memories I had in one of the most beautiful states in India.

Back in my school days after we got our winter vacations we took a flight from Mumbai to Kochi, Kerala. This was a place which was in my bucket list and I was really hyped up about our tour in Kerala. So once when we landed in Kerala we visited our resort and one of the most positive things about the people living here is their nature and how well they treat their guests and seeing their hospitality and how great their ambiance we instantly loved the place. The next morning we visited a place named Munnar they had beautiful tea gardens and the most attractive thing about the people there was even a person working in a tea garden spoke such fluent English. We took a ride on the elephants and visited many beautiful places. So for the next days, we enjoyed our stay in Munnar and had a great time.

But we didn’t have an idea what’s coming next because the next thing we had in our to-do list was visiting the boathouse and we had a stay for 1 day in the boathouse. So having a stay in the boathouse was something which I was looking most forward to. But I didn’t have any idea that our stay in the boathouse would be one of the biggest disappointments of our whole tour. As you all might be wondering how can stay in boathouse turn into such a major disappointment. So let me take you all through this whole incident from the start.

So basically when our stay in Munnar was completed we were headed to a state named Alleppey and this is the city known for boathouses. When we were in Mumbai we had the images of our boathouse and it looked really beautiful the furniture used was good, nice setup and everything was well arranged in the pictures we had received. But when we arrived at Alleppey we just received a word that our boathouse had been exchanged with another family just because they paid extra money to the boathouse agent. We thought that was pretty unfair and we were getting informed about this when we arrive at Alleppey. My parents were also really upset about this still they were being optimistic and cheering me up.

So we finally searched the number of our boathouse which we had got in exchange with the other family and when we entered into the boathouse my parents and I got pretty disappointed because the furniture was broken, chairs and tables were not clean, We cannot watch television for entertainment because there was no arrangement of cable done in our boathouse. And that was not it when we visited the washroom the tiles of the washroom were broken. We were disgusted because even after paying so well to our travel agency this is what we would get we never expected. I urgently suggested my father change our boathouse but that was not possible and now till the next morning we had to travel through the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala in the same boathouse which we had received.

Our whole excitement and hype to enjoy the boathouse went to 0%. But there were some good qualities about the boathouse too like the hospitality and the way the chef of the boat try to make us comfortable and he made some good dishes for us too. So he suggested he was pretty good at making lobsters so he took a halt near the fish market and he bought the lobster for us. Now it was time for lunch and the cook of the boat had made one of the tastiest lunch I had in my whole life. It was the first time I had a lobster in my life and it was worth it honestly. So in a few words, the hospitality and the food served by our chef was something which made up our mood after seeing the condition of our boathouse.

And one more positive thing was how beautiful nature was and also how clean the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala were. These were some positive qualities that really overshadowed our bad experience of the boathouse. And so by night when it was the time for dinner the chef cooked some really delicious food and at the end, he also made some dessert for us and seeing the nature and efforts of our chef that was something which kept us at our boathouse. At the night time when we went to bed we were finally relieved the day was coming to an end and tomorrow we were checking out of the boathouse.

So just before closing the lights out, we observed on the walls there were 8-10 lizards on our wall and seeing that we immediately called the chef and informed them about it. So in their religion, they mostly consider lizard as their god so he couldn’t lay his hand or even kill the lizard and so my father had to take that responsibility and throw the lizards out, But seeing how bad condition of the boathouse was and finding so many lizards in our bed eventually didn’t give me and my family a  good sleep. So by morning we gave some money to the chef because he made our stay in such a miserable place possible by cooking such tasty dishes and looking after us so well.

So as we moved out of Alleppey and we checked in our resort in Thiruvananthanpuram the first thing I did is took a good nap for few hours which I couldn’t take the whole night at the boathouse. So as I look back at my tour of Kerala the whole experience was great but the thing I was most hyped about turned out to be disappointing. So I had some good memories,some bad memories of the boathouse but after this tour, I stopped keeping expectations about the places I am going to visit. This experience gave me a good lesson in life about why not to have much expectations because once if the things are not upto our expectations, our disappointment can be immeasurable.


Growing up as an INTROVERT !

I have decided to write this blog and share my experiences with you about the time of my life where I was socially awkward, diffident, and incapable of having confidence in myself because of which I was unable to initiate chats with others. Yes, in this blog I want to take you’ll back to the days where I was a typical introvert and how my fear of talking to new people, the behavior of society towards introverts, The taunts faced as an Introvert and how I got out of this phase of shy and awkwardness is all I am going to talk about!

So before going to college, during my school days, I was a complete introvert with just a few friends in my school with whom I was completely comfortable. I used to get panicked to address in front of more than 6 to 7 people at once. I also used to  get frustrated when people asked me, “Why are you so quiet ?”,  “Why don’t you talk and interact more ?”.Such questions really annoyed me and some readers reading this who are/were introverts can relate to this. Sometimes when I did want to open up and interact with others, the fear of getting ignored always disturbed me.

“Asking an introvert to open up is as rude as asking an extrovert to shut up”

– Susan Cain

Mainly,  people having a huge  problem with my introvert nature were my relatives. Like the taunts and questions coming from their side  really  frustrated me, they said, “why don’t you take part in activities?”, “Why do you ignore us always and never talk?” .They just could never understand that was my nature and that’s how I was. Dealing with them was even more difficult than dealing with the people in the school.

As I was from an all-boys school, you can clearly see I had such a tough time just chatting with boys, hence my situation with girls was even worse. I hardly uttered any word in front of a girl. During my 8th grade, a girl from my society just asked me a question and  I just walked past her! She just yelled how rude I  was for straight-up ignoring her and at the moment I knew she might be keeping a negative view about me. But little did that girl know that it was my awkwardness and fear holding me back.

But as an Introvert, yes I did talk less and was not good when it came to interactions, but something which I was good at was ‘observing’. That’s something which many introverts are pretty good at because as they speak less and observe more so they chose their friends pretty wisely. As an introvert, I was very selective with whom I shall be friends with. It was the person’s vibe on which I would decide whether I should interact with that respective person. That’s a tip that I would like to give to all the readers . Just be observant because sometimes a person’s action and vibe do speak a lot than their words do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert or even if you have a huge friend circle or a small friend circle, what matters the most is the quality of the friendship and friend circle. I have also made some wrong choices as to who I should make my friend despite being so selective back at that time. So whether an introvert or an extrovert everyone does the mistake of choosing the wrong friend and that always teaches us some important lessons of life. Because if everything would go right in our lives we would never learn anything.

I would rather have people be cynical about me than feed me the negative vibe

-Michael Buble

Now coming back to me, the most disappointed people seeing me like this were my parents because they always expected me to participate in sports activities, debates, having good social interactions, but after all, I was just a kid who was socially awkward and shy-guy sitting in a corner with a selective few friends. So sometimes it hurt my parents because they carried a lot of expectations regarding me and I used to see myself as if I failed them.

As 10th board exams were over everyone were enjoying their vacations so was I.We did some traveling and I traveled a few destinations which I had in my bucket list. Once we came back home I had a conversation with my mom and she informed me after few days there is going to be an event and there will be a large number of guests and I have to give a short speech in front of them, Hearing that I have to give a speech my heart rate increased and I started to become really nervous. So all credits to my mother she calmed me down and she started preparing me for this. As a kid who never took any kind of participation in speeches, plays during his school life, giving a speech in front of people in large numbers was like making me really anxious.

So my mom prepared me up for the speech but still, the nervousness was just increasing hour by hour. So now finally the time came to deliver the speech when my nervousness was increasing, seeing the crowd I was getting really anxious but the speech had to be delivered. When the speech was delivered and when I met my mother I was so relieved and honestly the speech was not one of my best but the best part happened here was I gained my confidence and a more non-hesitant version of myself came through after this moment.  

I was able to initiate conversations with the new people I met. So I was completely open and confident about expressing my thoughts in front of a large number of people. That speech that I gave was not a great one but it surely gave me confidence and I was not just that shy and awkward kid anymore.

Now as I look back, I always cherish the fact that I took the decision to go out there and give a speech. That speech was something that changed me completely and gave me a better, confident version of myself. As we look at some small incidents or things just change us and our personality completely. So if you get a chance to make yourself a better version of yourself just don’t hesitate and grab the opportunity.

I had so many chances but I blew it because I was too damn shy

-Shubhr Aryan

This quote clearly shows the condition of guys who are shy and because of having the thoughts of what others will think they just blow off their chance. So this is how my phase of being a completely awkward and insecure version of myself came to an end. As they say, the best way you can fight your fear is by facing it. So I would conclude my blog by saying if such huge social gatherings or talking to new people makes you nervous just face these fears by initiating a conversation there you would realize you were just hyping this fear of talking to new people because when it’s done you will realize you were nervous of such a silly issue.


A Strange Welcome!

Hello everyone! As this is my first blog the story which I am going to share with everyone is actually an incident which  took place  in the last summer. After my final board exams of diploma were over me and my family had planed an vacation to Maldives. It is a place which was on my bucket list for a long time. So last year on the 17th of may when we had our flight from Mumbai to Maldives. We were just so excited for this trip but cannot say the same when we landed in Maldives. Anyways after going through a four hour flight the first thing we want to is go at our respective resort take a nap and then start visiting the place. So just after we landed at Maldives airport we went through the immigration and then at the airport itself there are people with the stalls of the all resorts in Maldives. So we found our resort’s stall and we had our name on the list.

The next moment we really got surprised because our name was there on the list but the payment was not yet done to the resort. This came as a surprise to my father because to his knowledge he had done the payment to our travel agency 1 month back itself. So the person standing at the stall quoted Sir your booking of beach villa had been done but the payment is not done yet. We were shocked by hearing this news and he would not take us to the resort until the payment is done. So all we had was to wait at the airport  until the travel agency doesn’t transfers the money to the resort.

My father tried calling the travel agency and his friend in the agency but we could not connect to either of them. It was an hour and we were still trying their number but we could not connect. So just opposite the airport there was a shop so the guy on the stall said you can buy an sim card from there. So even I thought this was the only possible way out. As we were heading to the shop to buy a new sim card. An incoming call comes  on my father’s mobile .And at that moment we finally got some hope. So the person who had called was just a random friend of my father and our luck was so good at that moment atleast someone came through. And he was the only guy who could connect to us at that moment. So my father said gave his friend the number of the travel agency head and told him to get the guy on the conference call. And  our frustration led even more when we figured out his mobile was switched off. So my father’s friend was a really nice guy. He said he will be try that number again and again until someone picks up.

So it was 2 hours now since we were on the airport our energy was drained out .I wasn’t excited anymore. Just the frustration was killing us. Then at that moment my mother realised her friend was the sister of the guy who was the head of the travel agency. And obviously we could not connect to her either. So we  called   my father’s friend. The only guy we could connect at that moment. So we gave him the number of my mother’s friend and he took that lady on the conference call. My mother was really pissed and she removed all her frustration on her friend. Then my mother demanded her to go to her brother’s house and to do the payment .And she left her house immediately after hearing our situation. At the same moment I could not control my hunger. As I could not have my lunch due to this whole situation coming up.

So the only thing I found suitable to eat was a chicken burger meal at mcdonalds. And as my meal arrived I didn’t care if anyone’s around looking at me. So I started eating very greedily and not in a proper manner. After an hour my mother’s friend called my father’s friend and they took us on conference call. And  then she gave her phone to her brother. My father could not control his emotions and he just blasted with anger and frustration. So luckily he had a friend in Maldives who will bring the cash on the airport .So he contacted his friend and finally his friend arrived near the airport brought the cash and after 5 hours finally we left the airport to reach our resort. The moment of   satisfaction we got when we reached the resort  was immesurable .And finally we ended this hectic day by having a good Indian cuisine meal at the resort. We ended having  a great time at this place and our vacation could not have gotten more better . The featured image is an ocean villa of our resort. If not I would surely recommend you to visit this place in your lifetime.

An evening by the lake!

Hello folks! As you all know we are going through a pandemic right now I have decided to share a great camping trip I had with a few of my college mates. Just a few days back I was sitting and viewing my Photo Album on my mobile I decided to write in my blog about this amazing camping trip we had last year.
Last year by the end of November, our semester exams were just over we all had gone through many sleepless nights by studying at the last moment. So when our exams were over everyone was finally relieved, Few days after when the vacation started some started doing Internships, Some were just chilling home doing nothing but after few days even vacation started seeming boring. Just on a random evening all of a sudden a plan came up about doing a Camping trip. Well, this wasn’t something which we were planning for a long time just on a random evening a plan was made and we all agreed to give it a try.
We all finally agreed on a particular date and we did our booking at Bhandardara. I am someone who loves traveled by road and I don’t travel by train much but this time I was with my college mates so I travelled with them by train. While traveling we all shared our lunchboxes. Many people who had come with their families, some had come with their friends, then they gathered everyone outside the station and from the railway station to our camping site it was a journey of about 1 hour by road.
The whole journey never seemed boring, there was good music being played, and the vibes were just too good. Frankly, we were the last group to arrive on the camping site but we just made it on time because we arrived right at the time of sunset, and the sky and the atmosphere were just so beautiful. We all just started clicking pictures because we wanted the perfect picture for our Instagram.
So after having a photoshoot we went to our respective tents and came back for some evening snacks, then we played some cricket, some of them played football, after that there were also some darts, so we were improving our aim by practicing darts. There was a good interaction session after that with all the other groups who had visited there for camping.
Then they had speakers so everyone was just enjoying their time dancing and having a good time. Even we played our songs on the speakers for a while and we enjoyed our time. After our energy was drained out we just sat back in our tents and we had some great and deep conversations about people, life, and honestly the conversations we had, I still remember those conversations.
After an hour they served us some dinner, great food, and the climate was also really good. The weather was chilled and after having dinner we sat near the bonfire with other groups who had visited there for camping. They sang some good songs and had a really good voice and after an hour we went to our tents and took a good amount of sleep.
In that kind of chilled weather, I honestly got a pretty nice sleep session. The next morning we got up around 6:30 and went around and clicked some pictures for our Instagram. After a while we went for River Rafting , pretty clean water, the lake was nicely maintained, we had a pretty good time and shared some great memories.
So we had our breakfast and finally, this short trip was coming to an end when the guy who was going to drop us at the railway station allowed us to enter into the lake and that was provided only to our group, We were in the lake for 10-15 minutes but still after we left the lake our moods were refreshed and were feeling quite fresh.
When I came back home from this amazing camping trip, people started replying to my stories and pictures and asking me about this camping trip. In those replies, one of my school friends asked me “Man why did you do lake camping in Bhandardara ?” You visit so many cool places with your parents every year so why did you choose to go camping this year he asked me I simply replied to him “It is not always about visiting fancy and high budget places every time. Sometimes even visiting the most simple places can give you the most amazing memories”. It was just a perfect break I had from my normal hectic schedule.
As that was my first time doing lake camping I enjoyed it and that quality time which I had with my friends means a lot more now because since this pandemic has begun and the lockdown has been imposed we haven’t met since but memories like these are what I cherish now.
I will just conclude by saying if you have made any plans with your friends to travel instead of delaying your plans just go ahead and travel with your friends because we don’t know what the future holds.

A journey of mine through this pandemic of Covid-19

As we all know we are going through a Covid-19 pandemic right now. In this blog  we will go through the whole journey of how the virus outbreak happened, how it started spreading in all countries and  how the people  did not take this situation seriously and also I am going to share a personal story of mine which happened during this pandemic. So sit back relax and hope you guys would like it.

So back in November 2019 when everything was going just  fine back in Wuhan ,Hubei, China there was this outbreak of this virus so famously known as Covid-19.We were enjoying our times with our loved ones, hanging  out with friends. We didn’t even have an idea what’s coming ! Just as 2019 ended we thought 2020 would bring something good. But we were all wrong as 2020 began the incident with the Australian Bushfires happened and the death of  the famous basket ball player Kobe Bryant in which he passed away in a helicopter crash. This was definitely not a  good start to the year. But what happened in the following month was even more devastating because the cases of Covid-19 started to increase exponentially. The deaths occurring due to this virus were also a lot. But still our young generation instead of spreading awareness we started to create memes on social media about this pandemic issue and never took it seriously.

So as the government of many  countries  observed the people are not taking this issue seriously and how the cases were increasing drastically. The government took the step of implementing an lockdown in the whole country and this step was taken up by most of the countries. Because  people were not responsible enough and they were busy doing social gatherings and partying as if everything was all good. So in my view that was a good decision taken by the government but there were also many disadvantages to this issue. The Economy of many countries crashed ,the businesses  were down and they were facing a huge loss.

Covid-19 will reshape our world. We don’t know yet when the crisis will end. But we can be sure by the time it ends our world will be different. -Joseph Borrell

Now this lockdown as for everyone else it was difficult for me too. I had many plans with my friends. Me and my family had also planned an destination to travel. Everything was set and this lockdown was imposed. Everyday the cases were just increasing and after few days I had found peace at staying home. But do you’ll know one good thing that happened to me during this lockdown? I got to spend so much time with my parents. In this lockdown I truly realized how less time I used to give to my parents. It was after a whole year I was sitting with my family having dinner on the dining table together peacefully. Before our lockdown we were just so busy in our schedule   we did not  even sit with our parents and have a proper chat. But in this lockdown I spent so much time with them and I can connect with  them so easily now because every night we have our dinner together and  after our dinner play some board games.

The memories we make with our family is everything – Candice Cameron Bure

But after few days I just had a small argument with my father and we were just not communicating with each other for few days. My father used to do social service and he decided he would do that in this situation of pandemic too. Some of his work were like distributing mask to the police  officers and distributing the food to the poor and needy people. But this was the exact situation we had an argument upon because I was concerned about his safety and wanted him just to stay safe at home for few days. After few days my father had mild fever and he had cough and sore throat we were giving him medicines and taking care of him. But my father’s health was just not improving. So we went to the doctor and took the report turns out he tested positive for Covid-19.

The day we got the report at the same evening we admitted my father to a nearby hospital and he was under a 10-day observation. When my father was admitted in the hospital things were not going pleasantly at my home. I hardly used to get any sleep and as we all know in such situations we have to try to keep ourselves positive because our mind never cooperates with us in such scenarios. We have to avoid ourselves from getting sucked into that negativity and the negative thoughts.

But there were just 2 to 3 of my friends whom I had informed about this situation and they really supported me throughout this situation. But believe me in this time period you do go get affected mentally because the people in the society isolate you because a member of your family has covid.And the people stop having social interactions with you. There  were some kind members in the society who didn’t completely isolate us and had always kept a check on us. Those  10 days also made me realize the importance of my father and how much I regretted the times I behaved inappropriately with my father. After 10 days when my father came back home with good health the joy on my face and my mother’s face was just too much. The appreciation I had for my father was a lot after this whole incident.

Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is loved under the condition that he provides something. -Chris Rock 

 This quote by Chris Rock just sums up that we go to our father because they provide us something. But they don’t get the appreciation  for it always. Yes mother’s keep us in their womb for 9 months but father’s are the backbone which holds the family together. So everyone reading this blog you  just give your parents a hug and make them feel loved. Because  we don’t know what tomorrow would bring. Now you have time appreciate your parents and take care of them. I  would like to conclude my blog  by saying just stay home and stay safe  and spend some valuable time having a chat with your parents before its too late.

A Journey from Best Friends to Strangers!

Hello Folks! Today I have decided to share  a special friendship I had back during my school days. We all might have had someone during our school days whom we  considered as  our best friend but now as we look back, things are  not the same . They won’t even appear in your contact list. We are simply left with those special memories that we had created with them. I know it might be painful for many  of us when we go down that memory lane and remember the beautiful friendship we had, that got ruined with time.

 So  I had a friend during my  7th and 8th grade with whom i shared a really great bond. We did some crazy pranks and I  had to visit principal’s office for the first time in my life, all thanks to him. But most importantly we both had each others back and we supported each other through thick and thin. He used to come to my place to play video games. I always had this feeling  that our friendship would go on forever and our bond would never be broken. We had also planned to take admission in the same college. We both  cleared our 8th grade with great marks.

Then comes the turning point in our so called unbreakable friendship when we were promoted to  9th grade. We got separated by going in a different class. For two years we were in the same class and now being in separate  classes things were different for both of us. The only time we meet was now during the  Break time. Sometimes we even caught up after school. For a month everything was going cool. But  after a month , there was a sudden change in him, He started acting all weird and it was like he was trying to get rid off me. And seeing that I eventually figured  out that he found it embarrassing to hangout with me. He started hanging out with some of the students in his class and when we used to cross paths he completely ignored me. He uploaded pictures with his new friends and seeing that I used to become more disappointed  I used to  think… where did it all go wrong? Because i considered that this friendship  would last forever.

Some People aren’t loyal to you .They are loyal to the need of you. Once their need changes so does their loyalty  -James Merrow  

And as we all know there are always some jerk students who would come around to taunt and irritate you. Their taunts made me feel even more disappointed about the ongoing situation. But there were 3-4 friends from my class who always stood up for me and supported me. But  still mentally it was killing me with the fact that one of my closest friend just casually ignores me  and I couldn’t do anything about it. So it took me few months to accept the fact and I finally moved on. We  crossed paths during the break time and just ignored each other. I then also started enjoying the company of my new friends in class.

But after few days my “ex-best-friend” and his group  gathered around and started to pull my leg and bully me verbally. The thing that hurt me the most was the guy whom I once called my best friend is also encouraging them to do this. This really disturbed me because a guy who was once my best friend showed his true colours with time. Then afterwards my friends showed up and took me back to class. I was told them that I was okay, but deep down I wasn’t. My close friend  would turn into such a bully was way out of my imagination. Thanks   to those new friends because if they wouldn’t have shown up I might have had a breakdown at that moment itself. But these friends cant always come to my rescue ,they cant always be there to protect me, So I had to learn to stand up for myself .

So one day our lectures were over and  just before I  approached my bus ,my ex best friend and his group showed up and started to verbally bully me once again. I still was not having the guts to stand up for myself and confront them. Sometimes words hurt a lot more than actions do .What all things he said to me were really painful for me to accept it.

The next day we were called for physical training lecture on the ground where students of both my and my ex friend’s class were present . Then when Sir dismissed the class,  my ex-best friend and his group showed up again. The story  continues but what my ex- best friend said , totally shocked me as he brought my father’s name in between .That was the moment  I stood up for myself and confronted him. When I started confronting  him, it really hurt his ego. He expected that I would neither stand up for myself nor my father. So that was the moment where he started to go physical with me and we got involved in a fight. But eventually our sir showed up and stopped the fight.

But obviously this didn’t end peacefully as our principal ma’am had called our parents. As soon as my mom left the principal’s office, she could not believe that whom I considered as  my close friend could be such a jerk. And after this incident he never bothered me. Our  school farewell was now over and he went his way and I went mine. I never heard from him ever since.

This was the moment when life taught me that not everyone will stay in your life permanently. Be aware of whom you are  calling your best friend  right now. Because with time we don’t know how people  might turn

Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you,  ,feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them. -Frank Ocean

This quote by Frank Ocean simply relates to my situation and also to many other people whose friends  just gave up on them. As they sometimes say some special friendships hurt more than a breakup that was some friendships mean to us. You are always lucky if you still have a friend from school days whose there for you and always supports you. Trust me guys it is a blessing .   

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
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The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus your own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.