A Strange Welcome!

Hello everyone! As this is my first blog the story which I am going to share with everyone is actually an incident which  took place  in the last summer. After my final board exams of diploma were over me and my family had planed an vacation to Maldives. It is a place which was on my bucket list for a long time. So last year on the 17th of may when we had our flight from Mumbai to Maldives. We were just so excited for this trip but cannot say the same when we landed in Maldives. Anyways after going through a four hour flight the first thing we want to is go at our respective resort take a nap and then start visiting the place. So just after we landed at Maldives airport we went through the immigration and then at the airport itself there are people with the stalls of the all resorts in Maldives. So we found our resort’s stall and we had our name on the list.

The next moment we really got surprised because our name was there on the list but the payment was not yet done to the resort. This came as a surprise to my father because to his knowledge he had done the payment to our travel agency 1 month back itself. So the person standing at the stall quoted Sir your booking of beach villa had been done but the payment is not done yet. We were shocked by hearing this news and he would not take us to the resort until the payment is done. So all we had was to wait at the airport  until the travel agency doesn’t transfers the money to the resort.

My father tried calling the travel agency and his friend in the agency but we could not connect to either of them. It was an hour and we were still trying their number but we could not connect. So just opposite the airport there was a shop so the guy on the stall said you can buy an sim card from there. So even I thought this was the only possible way out. As we were heading to the shop to buy a new sim card. An incoming call comes  on my father’s mobile .And at that moment we finally got some hope. So the person who had called was just a random friend of my father and our luck was so good at that moment atleast someone came through. And he was the only guy who could connect to us at that moment. So my father said gave his friend the number of the travel agency head and told him to get the guy on the conference call. And  our frustration led even more when we figured out his mobile was switched off. So my father’s friend was a really nice guy. He said he will be try that number again and again until someone picks up.

So it was 2 hours now since we were on the airport our energy was drained out .I wasn’t excited anymore. Just the frustration was killing us. Then at that moment my mother realised her friend was the sister of the guy who was the head of the travel agency. And obviously we could not connect to her either. So we  called   my father’s friend. The only guy we could connect at that moment. So we gave him the number of my mother’s friend and he took that lady on the conference call. My mother was really pissed and she removed all her frustration on her friend. Then my mother demanded her to go to her brother’s house and to do the payment .And she left her house immediately after hearing our situation. At the same moment I could not control my hunger. As I could not have my lunch due to this whole situation coming up.

So the only thing I found suitable to eat was a chicken burger meal at mcdonalds. And as my meal arrived I didn’t care if anyone’s around looking at me. So I started eating very greedily and not in a proper manner. After an hour my mother’s friend called my father’s friend and they took us on conference call. And  then she gave her phone to her brother. My father could not control his emotions and he just blasted with anger and frustration. So luckily he had a friend in Maldives who will bring the cash on the airport .So he contacted his friend and finally his friend arrived near the airport brought the cash and after 5 hours finally we left the airport to reach our resort. The moment of   satisfaction we got when we reached the resort  was immesurable .And finally we ended this hectic day by having a good Indian cuisine meal at the resort. We ended having  a great time at this place and our vacation could not have gotten more better . The featured image is an ocean villa of our resort. If not I would surely recommend you to visit this place in your lifetime.

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