A Journey from Best Friends to Strangers!

Hello Folks! Today I have decided to share  a special friendship I had back during my school days. We all might have had someone during our school days whom we  considered as  our best friend but now as we look back, things are  not the same . They won’t even appear in your contact list. We are simply left with those special memories that we had created with them. I know it might be painful for many  of us when we go down that memory lane and remember the beautiful friendship we had, that got ruined with time.

 So  I had a friend during my  7th and 8th grade with whom i shared a really great bond. We did some crazy pranks and I  had to visit principal’s office for the first time in my life, all thanks to him. But most importantly we both had each others back and we supported each other through thick and thin. He used to come to my place to play video games. I always had this feeling  that our friendship would go on forever and our bond would never be broken. We had also planned to take admission in the same college. We both  cleared our 8th grade with great marks.

Then comes the turning point in our so called unbreakable friendship when we were promoted to  9th grade. We got separated by going in a different class. For two years we were in the same class and now being in separate  classes things were different for both of us. The only time we meet was now during the  Break time. Sometimes we even caught up after school. For a month everything was going cool. But  after a month , there was a sudden change in him, He started acting all weird and it was like he was trying to get rid off me. And seeing that I eventually figured  out that he found it embarrassing to hangout with me. He started hanging out with some of the students in his class and when we used to cross paths he completely ignored me. He uploaded pictures with his new friends and seeing that I used to become more disappointed  I used to  think… where did it all go wrong? Because i considered that this friendship  would last forever.

Some People aren’t loyal to you .They are loyal to the need of you. Once their need changes so does their loyalty  -James Merrow  

And as we all know there are always some jerk students who would come around to taunt and irritate you. Their taunts made me feel even more disappointed about the ongoing situation. But there were 3-4 friends from my class who always stood up for me and supported me. But  still mentally it was killing me with the fact that one of my closest friend just casually ignores me  and I couldn’t do anything about it. So it took me few months to accept the fact and I finally moved on. We  crossed paths during the break time and just ignored each other. I then also started enjoying the company of my new friends in class.

But after few days my “ex-best-friend” and his group  gathered around and started to pull my leg and bully me verbally. The thing that hurt me the most was the guy whom I once called my best friend is also encouraging them to do this. This really disturbed me because a guy who was once my best friend showed his true colours with time. Then afterwards my friends showed up and took me back to class. I was told them that I was okay, but deep down I wasn’t. My close friend  would turn into such a bully was way out of my imagination. Thanks   to those new friends because if they wouldn’t have shown up I might have had a breakdown at that moment itself. But these friends cant always come to my rescue ,they cant always be there to protect me, So I had to learn to stand up for myself .

So one day our lectures were over and  just before I  approached my bus ,my ex best friend and his group showed up and started to verbally bully me once again. I still was not having the guts to stand up for myself and confront them. Sometimes words hurt a lot more than actions do .What all things he said to me were really painful for me to accept it.

The next day we were called for physical training lecture on the ground where students of both my and my ex friend’s class were present . Then when Sir dismissed the class,  my ex-best friend and his group showed up again. The story  continues but what my ex- best friend said , totally shocked me as he brought my father’s name in between .That was the moment  I stood up for myself and confronted him. When I started confronting  him, it really hurt his ego. He expected that I would neither stand up for myself nor my father. So that was the moment where he started to go physical with me and we got involved in a fight. But eventually our sir showed up and stopped the fight.

But obviously this didn’t end peacefully as our principal ma’am had called our parents. As soon as my mom left the principal’s office, she could not believe that whom I considered as  my close friend could be such a jerk. And after this incident he never bothered me. Our  school farewell was now over and he went his way and I went mine. I never heard from him ever since.

This was the moment when life taught me that not everyone will stay in your life permanently. Be aware of whom you are  calling your best friend  right now. Because with time we don’t know how people  might turn

Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you,  ,feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them. -Frank Ocean

This quote by Frank Ocean simply relates to my situation and also to many other people whose friends  just gave up on them. As they sometimes say some special friendships hurt more than a breakup that was some friendships mean to us. You are always lucky if you still have a friend from school days whose there for you and always supports you. Trust me guys it is a blessing .   

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