A journey of mine through this pandemic of Covid-19

As we all know we are going through a Covid-19 pandemic right now. In this blog  we will go through the whole journey of how the virus outbreak happened, how it started spreading in all countries and  how the people  did not take this situation seriously and also I am going to share a personal story of mine which happened during this pandemic. So sit back relax and hope you guys would like it.

So back in November 2019 when everything was going just  fine back in Wuhan ,Hubei, China there was this outbreak of this virus so famously known as Covid-19.We were enjoying our times with our loved ones, hanging  out with friends. We didn’t even have an idea what’s coming ! Just as 2019 ended we thought 2020 would bring something good. But we were all wrong as 2020 began the incident with the Australian Bushfires happened and the death of  the famous basket ball player Kobe Bryant in which he passed away in a helicopter crash. This was definitely not a  good start to the year. But what happened in the following month was even more devastating because the cases of Covid-19 started to increase exponentially. The deaths occurring due to this virus were also a lot. But still our young generation instead of spreading awareness we started to create memes on social media about this pandemic issue and never took it seriously.

So as the government of many  countries  observed the people are not taking this issue seriously and how the cases were increasing drastically. The government took the step of implementing an lockdown in the whole country and this step was taken up by most of the countries. Because  people were not responsible enough and they were busy doing social gatherings and partying as if everything was all good. So in my view that was a good decision taken by the government but there were also many disadvantages to this issue. The Economy of many countries crashed ,the businesses  were down and they were facing a huge loss.

Covid-19 will reshape our world. We don’t know yet when the crisis will end. But we can be sure by the time it ends our world will be different. -Joseph Borrell

Now this lockdown as for everyone else it was difficult for me too. I had many plans with my friends. Me and my family had also planned an destination to travel. Everything was set and this lockdown was imposed. Everyday the cases were just increasing and after few days I had found peace at staying home. But do you’ll know one good thing that happened to me during this lockdown? I got to spend so much time with my parents. In this lockdown I truly realized how less time I used to give to my parents. It was after a whole year I was sitting with my family having dinner on the dining table together peacefully. Before our lockdown we were just so busy in our schedule   we did not  even sit with our parents and have a proper chat. But in this lockdown I spent so much time with them and I can connect with  them so easily now because every night we have our dinner together and  after our dinner play some board games.

The memories we make with our family is everything – Candice Cameron Bure

But after few days I just had a small argument with my father and we were just not communicating with each other for few days. My father used to do social service and he decided he would do that in this situation of pandemic too. Some of his work were like distributing mask to the police  officers and distributing the food to the poor and needy people. But this was the exact situation we had an argument upon because I was concerned about his safety and wanted him just to stay safe at home for few days. After few days my father had mild fever and he had cough and sore throat we were giving him medicines and taking care of him. But my father’s health was just not improving. So we went to the doctor and took the report turns out he tested positive for Covid-19.

The day we got the report at the same evening we admitted my father to a nearby hospital and he was under a 10-day observation. When my father was admitted in the hospital things were not going pleasantly at my home. I hardly used to get any sleep and as we all know in such situations we have to try to keep ourselves positive because our mind never cooperates with us in such scenarios. We have to avoid ourselves from getting sucked into that negativity and the negative thoughts.

But there were just 2 to 3 of my friends whom I had informed about this situation and they really supported me throughout this situation. But believe me in this time period you do go get affected mentally because the people in the society isolate you because a member of your family has covid.And the people stop having social interactions with you. There  were some kind members in the society who didn’t completely isolate us and had always kept a check on us. Those  10 days also made me realize the importance of my father and how much I regretted the times I behaved inappropriately with my father. After 10 days when my father came back home with good health the joy on my face and my mother’s face was just too much. The appreciation I had for my father was a lot after this whole incident.

Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is loved under the condition that he provides something. -Chris Rock 

 This quote by Chris Rock just sums up that we go to our father because they provide us something. But they don’t get the appreciation  for it always. Yes mother’s keep us in their womb for 9 months but father’s are the backbone which holds the family together. So everyone reading this blog you  just give your parents a hug and make them feel loved. Because  we don’t know what tomorrow would bring. Now you have time appreciate your parents and take care of them. I  would like to conclude my blog  by saying just stay home and stay safe  and spend some valuable time having a chat with your parents before its too late.

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