A disappointing day..!

Hello folks! As we know India is a diverse country. In this country, there are so many different states where they have different cultures but what keeps them together is their humble behavior and how they treat people. So this blog is my experience in one of the beautiful states of India “Kerala” which I had back in 2013 with my family. It was all going fun for us until we had our stay in the boathouse. So this blog is just an experience of some good and some weird memories I had in one of the most beautiful states in India.

Back in my school days after we got our winter vacations we took a flight from Mumbai to Kochi, Kerala. This was a place which was in my bucket list and I was really hyped up about our tour in Kerala. So once when we landed in Kerala we visited our resort and one of the most positive things about the people living here is their nature and how well they treat their guests and seeing their hospitality and how great their ambiance we instantly loved the place. The next morning we visited a place named Munnar they had beautiful tea gardens and the most attractive thing about the people there was even a person working in a tea garden spoke such fluent English. We took a ride on the elephants and visited many beautiful places. So for the next days, we enjoyed our stay in Munnar and had a great time.

But we didn’t have an idea what’s coming next because the next thing we had in our to-do list was visiting the boathouse and we had a stay for 1 day in the boathouse. So having a stay in the boathouse was something which I was looking most forward to. But I didn’t have any idea that our stay in the boathouse would be one of the biggest disappointments of our whole tour. As you all might be wondering how can stay in boathouse turn into such a major disappointment. So let me take you all through this whole incident from the start.

So basically when our stay in Munnar was completed we were headed to a state named Alleppey and this is the city known for boathouses. When we were in Mumbai we had the images of our boathouse and it looked really beautiful the furniture used was good, nice setup and everything was well arranged in the pictures we had received. But when we arrived at Alleppey we just received a word that our boathouse had been exchanged with another family just because they paid extra money to the boathouse agent. We thought that was pretty unfair and we were getting informed about this when we arrive at Alleppey. My parents were also really upset about this still they were being optimistic and cheering me up.

So we finally searched the number of our boathouse which we had got in exchange with the other family and when we entered into the boathouse my parents and I got pretty disappointed because the furniture was broken, chairs and tables were not clean, We cannot watch television for entertainment because there was no arrangement of cable done in our boathouse. And that was not it when we visited the washroom the tiles of the washroom were broken. We were disgusted because even after paying so well to our travel agency this is what we would get we never expected. I urgently suggested my father change our boathouse but that was not possible and now till the next morning we had to travel through the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala in the same boathouse which we had received.

Our whole excitement and hype to enjoy the boathouse went to 0%. But there were some good qualities about the boathouse too like the hospitality and the way the chef of the boat try to make us comfortable and he made some good dishes for us too. So he suggested he was pretty good at making lobsters so he took a halt near the fish market and he bought the lobster for us. Now it was time for lunch and the cook of the boat had made one of the tastiest lunch I had in my whole life. It was the first time I had a lobster in my life and it was worth it honestly. So in a few words, the hospitality and the food served by our chef was something which made up our mood after seeing the condition of our boathouse.

And one more positive thing was how beautiful nature was and also how clean the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala were. These were some positive qualities that really overshadowed our bad experience of the boathouse. And so by night when it was the time for dinner the chef cooked some really delicious food and at the end, he also made some dessert for us and seeing the nature and efforts of our chef that was something which kept us at our boathouse. At the night time when we went to bed we were finally relieved the day was coming to an end and tomorrow we were checking out of the boathouse.

So just before closing the lights out, we observed on the walls there were 8-10 lizards on our wall and seeing that we immediately called the chef and informed them about it. So in their religion, they mostly consider lizard as their god so he couldn’t lay his hand or even kill the lizard and so my father had to take that responsibility and throw the lizards out, But seeing how bad condition of the boathouse was and finding so many lizards in our bed eventually didn’t give me and my family a  good sleep. So by morning we gave some money to the chef because he made our stay in such a miserable place possible by cooking such tasty dishes and looking after us so well.

So as we moved out of Alleppey and we checked in our resort in Thiruvananthanpuram the first thing I did is took a good nap for few hours which I couldn’t take the whole night at the boathouse. So as I look back at my tour of Kerala the whole experience was great but the thing I was most hyped about turned out to be disappointing. So I had some good memories,some bad memories of the boathouse but after this tour, I stopped keeping expectations about the places I am going to visit. This experience gave me a good lesson in life about why not to have much expectations because once if the things are not upto our expectations, our disappointment can be immeasurable.

One thought on “A disappointing day..!

  1. You’ve beautifully explained your trip Woww 👏👏 but I still don’t understand how you survived the lizards. The best memory of my boathouse trip in Kerala was the night. It felt like I was floating in water when I slept. But yaar koi naa you’ve learnt something that is very important. No expectations. Remember this thing and life will be beautiful.


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