An evening by the lake!

Hello folks! As you all know we are going through a pandemic right now I have decided to share a great camping trip I had with a few of my college mates. Just a few days back I was sitting and viewing my Photo Album on my mobile I decided to write in my blog about this amazing camping trip we had last year.
Last year by the end of November, our semester exams were just over we all had gone through many sleepless nights by studying at the last moment. So when our exams were over everyone was finally relieved, Few days after when the vacation started some started doing Internships, Some were just chilling home doing nothing but after few days even vacation started seeming boring. Just on a random evening all of a sudden a plan came up about doing a Camping trip. Well, this wasn’t something which we were planning for a long time just on a random evening a plan was made and we all agreed to give it a try.
We all finally agreed on a particular date and we did our booking at Bhandardara. I am someone who loves traveled by road and I don’t travel by train much but this time I was with my college mates so I travelled with them by train. While traveling we all shared our lunchboxes. Many people who had come with their families, some had come with their friends, then they gathered everyone outside the station and from the railway station to our camping site it was a journey of about 1 hour by road.
The whole journey never seemed boring, there was good music being played, and the vibes were just too good. Frankly, we were the last group to arrive on the camping site but we just made it on time because we arrived right at the time of sunset, and the sky and the atmosphere were just so beautiful. We all just started clicking pictures because we wanted the perfect picture for our Instagram.
So after having a photoshoot we went to our respective tents and came back for some evening snacks, then we played some cricket, some of them played football, after that there were also some darts, so we were improving our aim by practicing darts. There was a good interaction session after that with all the other groups who had visited there for camping.
Then they had speakers so everyone was just enjoying their time dancing and having a good time. Even we played our songs on the speakers for a while and we enjoyed our time. After our energy was drained out we just sat back in our tents and we had some great and deep conversations about people, life, and honestly the conversations we had, I still remember those conversations.
After an hour they served us some dinner, great food, and the climate was also really good. The weather was chilled and after having dinner we sat near the bonfire with other groups who had visited there for camping. They sang some good songs and had a really good voice and after an hour we went to our tents and took a good amount of sleep.
In that kind of chilled weather, I honestly got a pretty nice sleep session. The next morning we got up around 6:30 and went around and clicked some pictures for our Instagram. After a while we went for River Rafting , pretty clean water, the lake was nicely maintained, we had a pretty good time and shared some great memories.
So we had our breakfast and finally, this short trip was coming to an end when the guy who was going to drop us at the railway station allowed us to enter into the lake and that was provided only to our group, We were in the lake for 10-15 minutes but still after we left the lake our moods were refreshed and were feeling quite fresh.
When I came back home from this amazing camping trip, people started replying to my stories and pictures and asking me about this camping trip. In those replies, one of my school friends asked me “Man why did you do lake camping in Bhandardara ?” You visit so many cool places with your parents every year so why did you choose to go camping this year he asked me I simply replied to him “It is not always about visiting fancy and high budget places every time. Sometimes even visiting the most simple places can give you the most amazing memories”. It was just a perfect break I had from my normal hectic schedule.
As that was my first time doing lake camping I enjoyed it and that quality time which I had with my friends means a lot more now because since this pandemic has begun and the lockdown has been imposed we haven’t met since but memories like these are what I cherish now.
I will just conclude by saying if you have made any plans with your friends to travel instead of delaying your plans just go ahead and travel with your friends because we don’t know what the future holds.

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