A long morning..!

Hello folks! As on my blog page, I have already shared some of the weird travel experiences I have had till now this blog will be regarding the same issue. We all have some places on our bucket list which we want to visit. Similarly back in 2018, I got to visit with my family one of the most beautiful countries ‘Australia’. It was a pretty long journey by flight from India to Australia.

And in the 14 hours journey from India to Australia. I was busy watching movies, listening to some good music, even played some games but I just couldn’t take proper sleep. My parents slept very comfortably, but I was just not able to take a proper nap and I was awake during the whole flight of a 14-hour journey. Yes there were times when I felt really tired and exhausted watching movies and looking at the screen but even then I could not take proper sleep, Mostly in flights I am not that comfortable sleeping and taking a nap but in this flight, I could not even sleep for 20 minutes.

And then we finally landed in Australia, It was 7:30 in the morning there when we landed and when we landed I was really tired, the only thing I wanted at that moment was to go to my respective resort and lie on the bed and take a good sleep for few hours. So as we stepped out of the airport, we took a cab to our resort and it took us about an hour to reach the resort. So as we checked in our resort by 8:45 and then the receptionist informed us that we cannot visit our room.

So we asked our booking is done right? So then what’s the problem we asked, she replied the problem is not about your booking, The time for the guests to check-in their room is 2:00 clock in the afternoon. My parents got really pissed when they heard about this, because we have traveled for 14 hours through a flight and then 1 hour by road and once we reach our resort we get to know that for more 5 hours we have to wait to just check in our room.

So the receptionist handled our situation very properly, she handed out some tickets to the aquarium and Tussauds Wax museum and said to us we can also visit the Pearl Harbour and Opera house next to it. My parents were cool with it but I wasn’t because I wanted my sleep very badly and I was completely drained out. So as we couldn’t check in our room I had to freshen up in the washroom next to the reception.

Here is where the fun begins, I was drained out and pretty tired and my parents were pretty enthusiastic about clicking pictures but as I didn’t get my sleep in the flight I was getting irritated when they were demanding me to click their pictures every minute. I was visiting the washroom and splashing water on my face to refresh myself. My father suggested me to drink some coffee at a café which was near the Tussauds Wax Museum. But those days I literally hated coffee. But to kill my sleep I decided to give it a shot. But after drinking a few sips I handed it over to my father as I could not finish it

So my parents were having a good time at the Tussauds wax museum and the Aquarium I thought to myself  I shouldn’t be the reason for stopping them from having a good time so I clicked some pictures of my parents and I was pretending to enjoy but I was so tired and my body was demanding for rest. After a few hours I walk to my dad I ask him the time and he replies It’s only 12:30 yet son, We got more 2 hours. At that moment my mother came to me and she said to me “ I know son how badly you want your sleep, But you have to adjust for a while as we have no other alternative”. That’s the specialty of mothers though we lie to them to comfort them, they always figure out the reality.

My attitude was becoming grumpy and I just wanted to go and sleep on the bench, At that moment I didn’t care that I was in another country or what people would think I just wanted to lie down and sleep, This was the first time in my life I was least bothered to click pictures for my Instagram. And finally, when it was 1:45 we decided to take the cab and go back to our resort because our time to check in was getting close, The happiness I got when we were heading back to our resort was immeasurable. But there was another problem, to catch the cab we had to walk for more than  10 minutes because in the area we were present there were no cabs to go to our resort, Believe me in those 10 minutes I became the most annoying person to my parents. While we sat in the cab,I just took a good nap session for 25 minutes and my mom waked me up once we reached the resort.

While my mom opened the door of the room I rushed to the bed and I didn’t even remove my shoes while I went to bed, so by evening 7 I woke up, My parents did me a huge favor by not waking me up and after taking a good sleep session for 5 hours my mood was finally refreshed and then we headed out of the resort around 9:00 clock and we found an Indian restaurant for dinner right next to our resort and the food they served there was delicious.

Once we were done with dinner, we grabbed some ice cream and we went for a beautiful night walk in Sydney. I also appreciated my parents for handling my grumpy and irritating behavior during the whole afternoon. This trip to Australia is remembered now as one of my favorite trips

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